• C300 Coffee Machine (Refurbished)


    The C 300 is a single-cup, coffee-from-concentrate brewer. The C-300 supports two varieties of coffee at a time, from 2 liter cartons. It can brew up to 1700 cups per hour.

     liquid coffee machines are a cost-effective coffee option for high-volume and self-serve locations. Coffee is brewed using bag-in-box concentrate, reconstituted with hot water as each individual cup is drawn.

    Advantages to the  system are minimal preparation and cleanup, 24/7 product availability, tight control of product and a consistent, if only fair, product quality. There are no filters or grounds to deal with, and no heated surfaces to worry about.

    How the Coffee Machine System Works

    The principle behind the system is that each cup of coffee should be absolutely perfect, brewed in seconds, and taste precisely the same as the 1,000 cups before it and the 1,000 cups after it.  To do this, the coffee itself is brewed in factories by white-gloved scientists roaming around with clipboards, examining every stage of the production process.  The finished coffee is concentrated to an incredible degree and shipped in frozen boxes to distributors, which then take them to restaurants and offices.  The  system machines reconstitute the coffee based on your desired brew strength inputs, infusing extremely hot water and dispensing the finished cup in a matter of moments.  Thus, there is never any brew time or waiting.  You simply walk up to the machine, press a button, and your perfect cup of coffee is in your hands before you realize what’s happened.

    *This item is factory refurbished*

     Peak Capacity - Hot Water Inlet 1,059 12 oz. cups/hour (10 oz. fill) using 180˚

     Peak Capacity - Cold Water Inlet 201 12 oz. cups/hour (10 oz. fill) using 55˚F water inlet


    (H) 29 1/4’’ x (W) 17’’ x (D) 21’’


    105 lbs (122 lbs with water and coffee pack)


    6 MONTH  parts warranty and 12 months of free tech support.

    This machine will take 10 business days to ship. In order to make the installation as easy as possible when you receive it, we run multiple tests for 2-4 days. We also go over all of the components and make sure the machine is calibrated correctly. If you would like the unit sooner, please contact us with all of the details!

    Shipping fees do apply to this machine!

    ***We have been an authorized dealer for 30 years. Our team has all of the parts, manuals and knowledge to calibrate and/or repair this unit.

    The services we provide are unmatched and we take pride in keeping all of our customers pleased!***

                                                                *machine front display panels may differ than images in listing*